Update on Winter Tiered Tray Kits!

I have been working hard cutting and painting the various signs for my latest tiered tray kits and I am happy to say I am just about done!  I've got a tag (for a bead garland) and one circle sign left to do and I think I can call it DONE!  I've procured a white tiered tray and on Sunday I'll try to arrange all the signs on it, take photographs and load up the kits on my Etsy site.  In the meantime, another little sneak peek!  I love the little ear muffs on the Snowman!

Snow Days Sneak Peek


Til next time, Keep Krafting!


A New Winter Tiered Tray - Sneak Peek

Winter will soon be upon us and I've started work on a new tiered tray for the season!  I think I'm going to keep the color palette simple...blue, white and maybe a hint of red or silver.  I finished my first sign.  There is a simplicity about it but I think that is why I like it.  Winter is a "simple" season in that there isn't much color but instead blankets of snow, cold, cold temps and an occasional cut of hot chocolate.  But what would winter be without a snowman?  So I chose to incorporate a snowman face in my sign.  The signs I create are mostly hand painted using acrylics on wood or MDF.  Painting gives me freedom to add details that bring the signs or element to life.  But even after painting the words in a gradient fashion from blue to white, I felt like something was missing.  It was too simple.  So, enter sublimation!  I printed the snowman face on a piece of hardboard to replace the "O" in the word and it just felt better!  It pops!  I added a frame to this sign and gave it a wash of gray.  I'm on the fence with the gray....maybe a blue-gray would have been better.  I'll just let it sit for a while as I work on other signs.  Hopefully the color grows on me....otherwise, I can always paint over it!

Here's a sneak peek of my sign.

Snow Kit Sneak Peek


Til next time, keep krafting!


I finally finished my latest tiered tray---The Wizard of Oz!  I was inspired by my little collection of replicas of Madame Alexander dolls promoted by McDonalds several years back.  I bought them mostly because I've always been a big fan of the movie (still am) and watch it every time it airs.  The dolls sat on a shelf in my sewing room for the longest and I finally realized I could make a tray and give them a permanent home!

The tiers are fashioned after the "yellow brick road" and I'm truly pleased with the results!  Can't say I want to do that again but glad I did it for one, at least.  It was truly a labor of love.  The mini signs represent various characters, were all designed by me and painted with acrylic paints.  I love all the signs but I think the Haunted Forest sign warning the gang to turn back is one of my favorites.  The other would have to be the garland with the tag and quote by Dorothy Gale (who I forgot to give credit to and the bottom of the phrase)...lol  Glad I got that out of my system!  Now I can move on the a Christmas tray!

Well, that's all for now!

Til next time, keep krafting!


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Another Sneak Peek

Staying busy with my Hocus Pocus diy mini kits which are doing well.  My laser has been giving me issues lately so it's slowed me down somewhat.  I know what the problem is but it requires ordering a new part, which I will do.  In the meantime, I'm just trying to plug along slowly but surely.

I do love the Dremel LC40 but clearly it is more of a hobby laser.   For that reason, we're seriously looking at getting a Trotec Speedy 300.  It has a larger bed and more power.  We hope to connect with the sales person today! 

Being busy is good but it gives me little time to design new projects, let alone actually work on one.  But today I can breathe and so I've been working on my latest tiered tray design.  I have created 10 mini signs so far.  I do have one more sign (sort of) in mind but for now I'm staying busy trying to work on those I have designed.

Here's a sneak peek of the mini sign I'm currently working to finish.  Can you guess the theme?  Pretty sure my first sneak peek gave it away!  I'm so tickled with the results of this one.  I love the white background and color palette.  Can't wait to display it on the tiered tray I created specifically for this set.

Poppies Sneak

Until next time, keep krafting!


Took a quick break from laser cutting to sublimate these really cool 20 oz. skinny tumblers!  They even come with a metal straw.  The tall, sleek size of the tumbler makes it easy to hold too.  I went with a subtle abstract floral pattern for the first tumbler and I have already claimed it as mine...lol  The second tumbler I created with a tortoise shell pattern and personalized it.  Two very different looks but I like them both.  I actually made these using a convection oven and a product called Shrink Wrap film.  Once the design transfer is adhered to the tumbler, a sleeve of shrink wrap is placed on the tumbler and requires a heat gun to shrink the film down for a snug fit.  The tumbler is then placed in the convection oven (Walmart to the rescue) and heated for 6 mins or so at 360 degrees.  Definitely a little bit of a learning curve mostly to find the perfect combination of heat and time.  I see more tumblers in my future!



 Photo Sep 01  11 25 11 AM

Photo Sep 01  10 48 05 PM


Until next time, keep krafting!


Sneak Peek

I've been keeping my laser busy these days cutting Hocus Pocus kits.  I listed them in my  Etsy Shop  In addition, I listed the svg cut files for those wanting to laser cut their own wood.

This week I've been working on designing and cutting a new tiered tray DIY mini sign set.  I even created my own little matching tiered tray!  This one is another favorite movie of mine and I just couldn't resist.  

Here's a sneak peek.....I will hopefully have it done by the end of the week between getting orders out.


Til then, keep krafting!


Hocus Pocus DIY Mini Sign Kits

I've been busy creating mini wood sign kits for the Hocus Pocus Tiered Tray decor I created recently.  Each sign is a kit in itself or the full bundle is also available.  The kits are unfinished, 1/8" Baltic birch plywood, and have been prepped and sanded ready for painting!  Instructions are included in each kit.  You provide the glue, paint, brushes and ribbons.  They are so much fun to make!  You'll want to pick up several to create your own Hocus Pocus tray!  Here is the link:



Kits by Letter

I'm currently working on another theme for my tiered tray!  Can't wait to share :) 

Until then, keep krafting!


Kerf, Kerf, Kerf!

I've been working on putting SVG files for laser cutting the Hocus Pocus Tiered Tray in my Etsy shop.  One of the files I created was a silhouette of Binx that Cat along with a line he says in the movie.  I fashioned it in the form of a shadow box.  Binx sits in the background (or back layer) of the shadowbox and I engraved the phrase on the top layer (acrylic).  I realized not everyone may have access to acrylic so I created a second version.  It is much easier and although not a shadowbox it still looks like a framed piece.  In this case, I laser cut a square piece of wood that I then covered in a halloween themed scrapbook paper.  I then laser engraved Binx and glued him to the square.  Finally, I added little strips around the edge of the square giving it a "framed" appearance.

It all came together nicely except..................I forgot to take into consideration kerf when calculating measurements for the strips.  Ugh!  Because the laser beam "cuts" with a certain thickness, that thickness or "kerf" must be added to cut measurements to maintain exact precision.  That is why you can see gaps in the corners where the strips meet.  I've corrected the file, however, so any future cuts will be correct (I hope!)

Binx 2

Binx 2
Binx 2
Binx 2

I may also offer a DIY version where I cut all the wood pieces and make them available for customers to paint their own version.  I'm hoping to work out the details soon!  Stay tuned!

Until next time, keep krafting!



Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

I'm back!  I've neglected my blog for so long and it's time to pick up where I left off.

The year 2020 has not been a good year so far, sadly.  We lost our nephew this year who fought the good fight against CHF.  He went to be with the Lord  in his sleep on Jan. 29, 2020.  Shortly after that the world was hit with this horrific pandemic, Covid-19 and our lives were changed drastically.  Self-quarantine is a new way of life for many of us as is social distancing.  Face coverings are now mandatory in places of business.  But somehow we have to find a way to cope.  For me, that coping mechanism has been crafting.  

I've been sewing (face coverings for family), and lately we've been working our Dremel laser cutting machine hard.  My most recent project has been a tiered tray loaded with lots of fun wood signs for Halloween, my favorite time of year.

I drew on the Hocus Pocus movie for inspiration.  I cut all signs from 1/8" baltic birch plywood using my Dremel laser.  I painted the signs using water-based Americana acrylics and sealed the signs with a satin sealer to protect the paint.  If I had to pick a favorite it would be a tie between "Book" (book of spells) and the Binx frame.  The frame has an acrylic engrave layer and is reminiscent of a shadow box.  I painted it black, distressed it by sanding areas, painted distressed areas with orange, then wiped down entire frame with water-down black paint to dull the bright orange paint.  I love the effect!  I added a banner garland too around the center tray.

Finally, I need to add some black branches as a filler and perhaps some tiny orange pumpkins here and there and I think I'm ready for Fall!

Til next time, keep crafting!

Tiered Tray
Tiered Tray
Tiered Tray
Tiered Tray
Tiered Tray

Another Easter Bucket

Incorporating sewing and sublimation is something I enjoy.  It keeps me from becoming bored easily.  Those who know me sadly know that I am easily distracted and once I become bored (especially if there is repetition involved), that's it.  I'm done...lol.  The bucket projects have been both a challenge and a joy to work on.  The challenge is sewing a circle to a straight edge...ugh.  I think I finally got it though.  I had to add 1" (my seam allowance x2) to both the circle and the straight edge.  The joy comes from picking coordinating fabrics, and adding a sublimated design to both front and back and watching the buckets take shape.  It's a very satisfying feeling.

This Easter bucket is for a little guy.  I didn't want any frills, ribbon, bows, etc.  I used both a wood and grass fabric and I must say I am very happy with the results.  I do, however, still need to find a good interfacing that will give a little stiffness to the sides.  I read somewhere that canvas might be a good interfacing and I may try that if I make another bucket.  I did try Buckram, which is really stiff (but thin) and I was not too happy with the result.

With Easter on the brain, I also took the opportunity to make a table runner and although the colors are not what I would call the typical Easter pastels, I love how the table runner turned out!  I love the black/cream check and it coordinated well with the sketch style graphics I used on the runner.  Almost has a "farmhouse" feel.

And the last project is a pair of Easter treat bags made using a poly duck canvas that sublimates quite well.  I designed the bunny faces to imprint on the front of the bag and added a little contrasting cotton fabric for the ears.  I made a drawstring from some thin ribbon and the bags were done!  I love them!

That's it for now.  Until next time, Keep Krafting!




Johnny Easter Basket

PolyLinen Tablerunner

Johnny Easter Basket