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From a Placemat to Cosmetic Bag


It's always fun to look at an item and figure out how to repurpose it for something other than it was intended for.  I recently purchased a couple of 100% polyester, large placements from Conde Systems (sublimation supplier).  The placemat itself is two layers of fabric that have been serged on the edges.  I liked the feel and weight of the fabric and by ripping out the serged edges I was left with 2 pieces of fabric.  The two layers would be enough to make 4 small cosmetic bags!

I settled on a pretty floral pattern and personalized the bag by adding my name over the design.  When I was happy with the arrangement, I printed out the design on my Sawgrass SG400 and heat pressed it to the placemat "fabric".

Sewing was quick and easy!  I love Lazy Girl Design patterns and chose the Becca Bag pattern to create my bag.  I auditioned a few lining fabrics before settling on the polka dot and replaced the original pink zipper pull with a green one for a touch of whimsy.  In an hour or so I was done!  It finished at approx. 5x7 (including gusset) and I just love it!

Now to find stuff to put in my new bag!

I've also included a picture of a second bag I made for carrying feminine hygiene products....I even made a matching snap tab just for fun!

That's all for now!  Keep Krafting!



Floral Cosmetic Bag

Shark Bag




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