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Go Big or Go Home!

I don't own pigs, I've never been around pigs (hmmm...let me think on that for a min), and I wasn't raised on a farm so I can't explain why I love pigs, but I do!  I love their nose, the  manner in which they run and their  I especially like baby pigs...they're just the cutest!

So you can imagine my excitement when I found an adorable graphic design depicting a cute little pig.  She wore a crown and a string of pearls around her chubby neck.  I thought, "she's got the right attitude!  Go all out!  Wear that crown proudly!"  I was then reminded of a play on words I saw recently on a piece of pig related fabric.   "Go PIG or go home!"  Perfect!

I added the phrase to the design, printed it, and then pressed it on a coffee mug.  I love it.  I may decide to press it on a kitchen towel but for now I'll settle for the mug!

Today, I'll begin sewing on a teacher pencil pouch.  Hopefully, it will be worthy of gifting.

Til next time, stay Krafty!

Pig for Etsy2



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