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Looking Sharp!

I was testing a swatch of poly fabric I recently purchased at Hobby Lobby and thought as long as I'm testing, might as well make something with the swatch, provided it sublimated well.

I'd wanted to make a new pincushion for my sewing area; one that was heavy enough to not move or fall off my table.  Most that I currently own are stuffed with polyfil which doesn't provide enough "weight" to the pincushion.  So now I just needed an image to sublimate. 

One would think that there would be a plethora of porcupine images in the wonderful world of the internet but evidently that's not the case.

The pincushion project I had in mind required just one little ol' image of a porcupine.  After an exhaustive search, I finally found one but it was black and white.

Since I had to use a black and white image, I had to change out my original fabric choices for ones that would coordinate better.  I used a stripe to create cording around the edges of the pincushion giving it a more finished look.  For the back, I went through my scrap bin and found a scrap of cherry fabric in the perfect colors!  I made the cording and sewed it to the front piece.  I then placed the cherry fabric, wrong side up over the corded piece and sewed the sides up  leaving a 3" opening to be able to turn the pincushion right side out.  (I did use a shorter stitch length to sew because of the type of filler I was using).

I used crushed walnut shells for the filling (a no-no for anyone with nut allergies).  I like that it adds weight, it fills in the corners of the pincushion nicely, and keeps my pins sharp!  Using a small funnel and inserting it into the 3" opening, I filled to the top.  I then closed the opening by hand using needle and thread.

Voila!  A new pincushion for my sewing room!

That's all for now!  Til next time, keep krafting!



Is it Fall Yet?

I looked out my window today and noticed the leaves on the trees in our backyard have begun to turn yellow.  That means fall can’t be too far behind.  It’s my favorite time of year.  The air has a bit of a chill to it, you can hear the sound of rustling leaves as they’re swept along by the the cool air, and the colors of fall replace the bright greens of summer.  It’s also time for costumes, candy and Halloween!

Today’s project is a fun Halloween themed t-shirt.  I purchased the design from Hoop Mama Designs. This particular shirt is a practice tee to solve the dreaded permanent “square” crease that gets pressed around the design when the press platen weighs down on the paper as the heat is transferring the design to the shirt.  It took no time to press but it did require a little prepping and a foam kit.

I ordered the kit from Conde.  They give you a generous amount of heat resistant foam you can cut down to size.  By cutting the foam larger than the graphic but smaller than the printed paper, it allows the paper to hang over the cut foam’s edges and acts as a thick cushion so the press platen does not weigh down on the paper edges creating a permanent impression into the shirt.  It worked well!

So now I have a cute youth size Halloween shirt that doesn’t fit neither of my grown children!  But at least I conquered my fear of the “square”!  

That’s all for now!  Keep Krafting!


Go Big or Go Home!

I don't own pigs, I've never been around pigs (hmmm...let me think on that for a min), and I wasn't raised on a farm so I can't explain why I love pigs, but I do!  I love their nose, the  manner in which they run and their  I especially like baby pigs...they're just the cutest!

So you can imagine my excitement when I found an adorable graphic design depicting a cute little pig.  She wore a crown and a string of pearls around her chubby neck.  I thought, "she's got the right attitude!  Go all out!  Wear that crown proudly!"  I was then reminded of a play on words I saw recently on a piece of pig related fabric.   "Go PIG or go home!"  Perfect!

I added the phrase to the design, printed it, and then pressed it on a coffee mug.  I love it.  I may decide to press it on a kitchen towel but for now I'll settle for the mug!

Today, I'll begin sewing on a teacher pencil pouch.  Hopefully, it will be worthy of gifting.

Til next time, stay Krafty!

Pig for Etsy2


Christmas on the Brain

The last two days I've been working on product for Christmas.  It will be here soon and I need to start adding things to my Etsy shop.

First, I found these cute little notebooks, 3.5x5 inches.  You flip it up to reveal a little writing pad and on the other side two slots for gift cards, credit cards, etc.  It also has a tab on one side which is for a pen or pencil.  I think they're going to make great stocking stuffers and can easily be personalized.

Second, I love making ornaments and this year will be the first year I plan on offering sublimated acrylic ornaments.   I worked on an elf yesterday and I think I'll be able to even personalize it by putting a name or holiday phrase on his shirt.  The ornament is flat, and about 1/4" thick so it is a sturdy little ornie.  I added a bow to the top and it has a ribbon hanger.

So glad the season will be changing soon too because the little time I spent working on these projects sent me packing.  The heat press generates so much heat and during the summer I cant tolerate it for too long.  But at least I have an idea where I'm headed now.

Elf Inside Ornie
Elf Inside Ornie


Well, that's all for now!  Keep Crafting!


Pretty Drinkware

Last Thursday I tried a new product from Conde, the 17 oz. pint tumbler.  It's a stainless steel tumbler with a white, matte polymer coating on the outside perfect for sublimation.  My biggest challenge was creating a template that wrapped around the entire tumbler without the edges overlapping in the back.  I came really, really close but I still feel I can close up the gap on the back of the cup just a smidge more.  Once done, I was able to fill the template with a pretty floral png image using Photoshop.  I added my monogram to the front because who doesn't like monograms?  I do wish I'd made the monogram less oval and more circular.  I placed it in my "for sublimation only" convection oven at 400 degrees for 7 mins. and the results were amazing.  Great color and no splotchy areas.  The only thing the tumbler is missing is a lid.  Unfortunately, it doesn't come with one but we have asked Conde to consider making that change.

That's it for now!  Keep Krafting!

Floral Pint Tumbler



From a Placemat to Cosmetic Bag


It's always fun to look at an item and figure out how to repurpose it for something other than it was intended for.  I recently purchased a couple of 100% polyester, large placements from Conde Systems (sublimation supplier).  The placemat itself is two layers of fabric that have been serged on the edges.  I liked the feel and weight of the fabric and by ripping out the serged edges I was left with 2 pieces of fabric.  The two layers would be enough to make 4 small cosmetic bags!

I settled on a pretty floral pattern and personalized the bag by adding my name over the design.  When I was happy with the arrangement, I printed out the design on my Sawgrass SG400 and heat pressed it to the placemat "fabric".

Sewing was quick and easy!  I love Lazy Girl Design patterns and chose the Becca Bag pattern to create my bag.  I auditioned a few lining fabrics before settling on the polka dot and replaced the original pink zipper pull with a green one for a touch of whimsy.  In an hour or so I was done!  It finished at approx. 5x7 (including gusset) and I just love it!

Now to find stuff to put in my new bag!

I've also included a picture of a second bag I made for carrying feminine hygiene products....I even made a matching snap tab just for fun!

That's all for now!  Keep Krafting!



Floral Cosmetic Bag

Shark Bag