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Is it Fall Yet?

I looked out my window today and noticed the leaves on the trees in our backyard have begun to turn yellow.  That means fall can’t be too far behind.  It’s my favorite time of year.  The air has a bit of a chill to it, you can hear the sound of rustling leaves as they’re swept along by the the cool air, and the colors of fall replace the bright greens of summer.  It’s also time for costumes, candy and Halloween!

Today’s project is a fun Halloween themed t-shirt.  I purchased the design from Hoop Mama Designs. This particular shirt is a practice tee to solve the dreaded permanent “square” crease that gets pressed around the design when the press platen weighs down on the paper as the heat is transferring the design to the shirt.  It took no time to press but it did require a little prepping and a foam kit.

I ordered the kit from Conde.  They give you a generous amount of heat resistant foam you can cut down to size.  By cutting the foam larger than the graphic but smaller than the printed paper, it allows the paper to hang over the cut foam’s edges and acts as a thick cushion so the press platen does not weigh down on the paper edges creating a permanent impression into the shirt.  It worked well!

So now I have a cute youth size Halloween shirt that doesn’t fit neither of my grown children!  But at least I conquered my fear of the “square”!  

That’s all for now!  Keep Krafting!



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