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Snowman Snowball

It's always fun planning for new Christmas/Winter decorations.  It's no secret that I love snowmen and this year decorations will include snowman snowballs!  They are soft and plushy and have the cutest whimsical faces embroidered on them.  As an option, you can add personalized hats, too.  I went with the hat option for the full effect.  I found the snowman face embroidery patterns online.  The pattern includes the "wedge" pattern required to create the actual snowball.

The results are adorable!  I think I went a little too large on the name but overall it was a quick and easy sew!  How fun would a pile of these adorable snowballs be arranged in a bucket or basket for the holidays?!  Too cute!

That's it for today!  Til next time, Keep Krafting!






Snowan Snowball




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