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Valentine Camp Cup Treat Holder

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!  What better excuse to binge on chocolate but who needs an excuse? lol

Today I'm sharing a camp cup that I sublimated with the purpose of having it hold chocolate treats to gift.  I love the design, too.  It was part of The Vivacious Valentine Bundle that I picked it up at The Hungry JPEG

I think I'll package it with some cellophane and finished it off with a nice red bow.  The bonus is that when the treats are gone you're left with a cute cup from which to drink your tea or coffee!  Quick and easy!

That's it for now and Keep Krafting!






Valentine Cutie

Seems like it was only a few days ago that we were celebrating Christmas and now I’m in Valentine’s Day mode.  

Found this adorable graphic of a bunny sitting on a crescent moon in the Vivacious Valentine’s Bundle from The Hungry JPEG.  I knew I had to use it!

After some thought, I settled on a child’s t-shirt as my project.  I added the perfect phrase for the graphic using PS, printed it using my sublimation printer and pressed it on the shirt using a heat press.

I am over the moon with the results (no pun

That’s it for now!  Keep krafting!