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January 2019

Valentine Vibes

It's January, there is still snow on the ground from the last snowfall and more snow on the way.  Just like the bears, I find myself hibernating until Spring arrives.

Until then, I have stayed busy creating Valentine and Spring projects.  My favorite, to date, are the poly-linen pillow shams that I sublimated with a Valentine/Spring theme.  The pillows are approx. 16x16, zippered on one end, and are of nice quality.  I picked them up at Conde Systems.  The graphics were perfect for my projects.  I used two different sets from The Hungry JPEG:  The bunny pillow was from the Vivacious Valentine Bundle (which has expired) and the songbirds were from The Secret Garden Graphic Kit.  So please at the results!

So while we're still in the middle of winter, inside it's just about Springtime!

That's it for now!  Til next time, Keep Krafting!



Bunny Wreath Pillow

Birds and Cage


In the Kitchen (sort of)

Today I tried sublimating my first oven mitt and pot holder.  The pot holder was easy peasy but the oven mitt was a little challenging.  The area between the thumb and index finger puckers due to the tight turn required during the sewing.  I just made sure I pre-pressed with a little extra attention to that area.

I also subbed a camp mug to match just because I loved the floral pattern!  I love the results!  The mitt and pot holder I’m gifting to my mom.  She is a fan of my

That’s  it for now!  Til next time, Keep Krafting!


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More Valentine Creations

Winter is here and just like the bears, I hibernate.  I avoid going out at all costs.  It gets too darn cold for my blood.

Instead, you'll find me tinkering with Photoshop and creating with purchased graphics from The Hungry JPEG.  Valentine's Day is almost here so today I thought I'd make a child's shirt to test out a few of the graphics.

I love the little rabbit sitting on the crescent moon and immediately the phrase" I love you to the moon and back" came to mind.  So I went with that!

I pressed it on a Vapor t-shirt and I'm very pleased with the results!

Bunny TShirt

That's it for today!  Until next time, Keep Krafting!