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Another Easter Bucket

Incorporating sewing and sublimation is something I enjoy.  It keeps me from becoming bored easily.  Those who know me sadly know that I am easily distracted and once I become bored (especially if there is repetition involved), that's it.  I'm  The bucket projects have been both a challenge and a joy to work on.  The challenge is sewing a circle to a straight edge...ugh.  I think I finally got it though.  I had to add 1" (my seam allowance x2) to both the circle and the straight edge.  The joy comes from picking coordinating fabrics, and adding a sublimated design to both front and back and watching the buckets take shape.  It's a very satisfying feeling.

This Easter bucket is for a little guy.  I didn't want any frills, ribbon, bows, etc.  I used both a wood and grass fabric and I must say I am very happy with the results.  I do, however, still need to find a good interfacing that will give a little stiffness to the sides.  I read somewhere that canvas might be a good interfacing and I may try that if I make another bucket.  I did try Buckram, which is really stiff (but thin) and I was not too happy with the result.

With Easter on the brain, I also took the opportunity to make a table runner and although the colors are not what I would call the typical Easter pastels, I love how the table runner turned out!  I love the black/cream check and it coordinated well with the sketch style graphics I used on the runner.  Almost has a "farmhouse" feel.

And the last project is a pair of Easter treat bags made using a poly duck canvas that sublimates quite well.  I designed the bunny faces to imprint on the front of the bag and added a little contrasting cotton fabric for the ears.  I made a drawstring from some thin ribbon and the bags were done!  I love them!

That's it for now.  Until next time, Keep Krafting!




Johnny Easter Basket

PolyLinen Tablerunner

Johnny Easter Basket