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Hocus Pocus DIY Mini Sign Kits

I've been busy creating mini wood sign kits for the Hocus Pocus Tiered Tray decor I created recently.  Each sign is a kit in itself or the full bundle is also available.  The kits are unfinished, 1/8" Baltic birch plywood, and have been prepped and sanded ready for painting!  Instructions are included in each kit.  You provide the glue, paint, brushes and ribbons.  They are so much fun to make!  You'll want to pick up several to create your own Hocus Pocus tray!  Here is the link:


Kits by Letter

I'm currently working on another theme for my tiered tray!  Can't wait to share :) 

Until then, keep krafting!


Kerf, Kerf, Kerf!

I've been working on putting SVG files for laser cutting the Hocus Pocus Tiered Tray in my Etsy shop.  One of the files I created was a silhouette of Binx that Cat along with a line he says in the movie.  I fashioned it in the form of a shadow box.  Binx sits in the background (or back layer) of the shadowbox and I engraved the phrase on the top layer (acrylic).  I realized not everyone may have access to acrylic so I created a second version.  It is much easier and although not a shadowbox it still looks like a framed piece.  In this case, I laser cut a square piece of wood that I then covered in a halloween themed scrapbook paper.  I then laser engraved Binx and glued him to the square.  Finally, I added little strips around the edge of the square giving it a "framed" appearance.

It all came together nicely except..................I forgot to take into consideration kerf when calculating measurements for the strips.  Ugh!  Because the laser beam "cuts" with a certain thickness, that thickness or "kerf" must be added to cut measurements to maintain exact precision.  That is why you can see gaps in the corners where the strips meet.  I've corrected the file, however, so any future cuts will be correct (I hope!)

Binx 2

Binx 2
Binx 2
Binx 2

I may also offer a DIY version where I cut all the wood pieces and make them available for customers to paint their own version.  I'm hoping to work out the details soon!  Stay tuned!

Until next time, keep krafting!