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September 2020

Another Sneak Peek

Staying busy with my Hocus Pocus diy mini kits which are doing well.  My laser has been giving me issues lately so it's slowed me down somewhat.  I know what the problem is but it requires ordering a new part, which I will do.  In the meantime, I'm just trying to plug along slowly but surely.

I do love the Dremel LC40 but clearly it is more of a hobby laser.   For that reason, we're seriously looking at getting a Trotec Speedy 300.  It has a larger bed and more power.  We hope to connect with the sales person today! 

Being busy is good but it gives me little time to design new projects, let alone actually work on one.  But today I can breathe and so I've been working on my latest tiered tray design.  I have created 10 mini signs so far.  I do have one more sign (sort of) in mind but for now I'm staying busy trying to work on those I have designed.

Here's a sneak peek of the mini sign I'm currently working to finish.  Can you guess the theme?  Pretty sure my first sneak peek gave it away!  I'm so tickled with the results of this one.  I love the white background and color palette.  Can't wait to display it on the tiered tray I created specifically for this set.

Poppies Sneak

Until next time, keep krafting!


Took a quick break from laser cutting to sublimate these really cool 20 oz. skinny tumblers!  They even come with a metal straw.  The tall, sleek size of the tumbler makes it easy to hold too.  I went with a subtle abstract floral pattern for the first tumbler and I have already claimed it as  The second tumbler I created with a tortoise shell pattern and personalized it.  Two very different looks but I like them both.  I actually made these using a convection oven and a product called Shrink Wrap film.  Once the design transfer is adhered to the tumbler, a sleeve of shrink wrap is placed on the tumbler and requires a heat gun to shrink the film down for a snug fit.  The tumbler is then placed in the convection oven (Walmart to the rescue) and heated for 6 mins or so at 360 degrees.  Definitely a little bit of a learning curve mostly to find the perfect combination of heat and time.  I see more tumblers in my future!



 Photo Sep 01  11 25 11 AM

Photo Sep 01  10 48 05 PM


Until next time, keep krafting!


Sneak Peek

I've been keeping my laser busy these days cutting Hocus Pocus kits.  I listed them in my  Etsy Shop  In addition, I listed the svg cut files for those wanting to laser cut their own wood.

This week I've been working on designing and cutting a new tiered tray DIY mini sign set.  I even created my own little matching tiered tray!  This one is another favorite movie of mine and I just couldn't resist.  

Here's a sneak peek.....I will hopefully have it done by the end of the week between getting orders out.


Til then, keep krafting!